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Calculating cost of CMAM

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Anonymous 81

Public Health Nutritionist

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7 Mar 2009, 08:50

Is there any use friendly tool that helps to calculate the cost of community-based management of acute malnutrition programme (CMAM) in terms of cost per total admission or cost per cured and the like? To make it clear, CTC programme has been implemented as stand-alone intervention by NGOs with very limited involvement of local authorities. The CTC programme cost was relatively easy to calculate as the inputs are entirely from the NGOs. However, the current CTC approach (now CMAM) put much emphasis on the integration of the service within existing MoH systems from the onset. In this approach, there are diversified inputs both from the government, NGOs and UN agencies. So, is there a tool that helps to calculate the programme cost?

Anonymous 108


Normal user

9 Mar 2009, 07:03

Contact the following for more details on the costing tools 1. VALID international. 2. i have seen a report from Max can help 3. Engenderhealth--they have a tool that can be adapted and be used to calculate the direct costs only for a similar programme( 4.WHO-mother -baby package costing spreadsheets based on excel sofware can also be adapted plus many more

Anonymous 118

Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

9 Mar 2009, 16:47

FANTA-2 has a draft CMAM costing tool designed to be used at the district level, which will be field tested in May and then made immediately available. The Costing Tool was designed to assist primarily country-level or district-level program managers involved in choosing or designing CMAM services. It assists in planning by guiding the user through a process of predicting the costs of services/programs for CMAM. The Tool stimulates the user to think through systematically and in detail the nature and intensity of activities required and generates estimates of total provider costs, which can be used to decide whether CMAM is affordable or not, and/or how many resources are required. The Costing Tool is essentially a set of linked excel spreadsheets. The user enters key country-specific data including the extent of the malnutrition problem in the program area of operation, the planned institutional response and prices. The Tool automatically processes these data using built-in algorithms and some universal assumptions fixed by the Tool (e.g. the quantity of RUTF required per SAM case) and calculates the cost implications of implementing CMAM. The Tool allows for a significant degree of disaggregation in the analysis. Data are collected and analyzed for different areas (natural groupings of Outpatient Care sites with administrative headquarters); for different years (for the period determined by the User); and for different activities. Tables and graphs are created by the Tool showing the breakdown of costs by year, geographic area and types of activities. A user's guide has been drafted guiding the user through a stepwise process of completing the spreadsheets of the Tool.

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