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How to gain experience in Humanitarian nutrition sector

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Normal user

13 Dec 2011, 13:04

Hello Everyone, I know this isn't exactly what this forum is for, but I would like to get some advice from nutritionists in the field as to how they got to where they are today. I completed my masters in nutrition last year and have just come back from a self-funded trip to Malawi where I was working on a nutrition project. I am still struggling to see how to get experience in the third sector apart from doing lengthy unpaid internships, which I cannot afford to do as I live away from home. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous 806

Normal user

9 Jan 2012, 10:55

Dear Lucy I am not a nutritionist, but recruitment coordinator at Medair - we have this question asked quite frequently of us. In terms of finding access to a humanitarian agency, this web link to ELHRA - - gives multiple agencies who have "easier to access" ways to break-in - yes through internships, but not all. I hope this is of help. Every success, Mark

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