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State of the Humanitarian System Report: Survey. Please contribute.

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Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

Forum moderator

9 Jan 2012, 12:01

ALNAP would like to ask for your help in gathering data for the forthcoming State of the Humanitarian System Report. Our aim is to canvass the views and experiences of a broad range of humanitarian practitioners and recipients of aid. One of our data gathering methods is the use of questionnaires targeting four different groups:
1.International aid agencies
2.National and regional aid organisations
3.Host government representatives
4.Aid recipients

We would like to invite you to contribute your own views and experiences to help inform the analysis - please can you look at the survey questionnaires on our website, and choose the relevant questionnaire for you. It would also be extremely helpful if you could forward the surveys to colleagues in your organisation and/or in the wider sector. It will take about 7-10 minutes to fill in a survey.

We are very keen to make the report as inclusive as possible and your help is greatly appreciated.

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