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Short term consultant for IYCF-workshop

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Kat Pittore

Save the Children India

Normal user

6 Feb 2012, 12:30

Job Title: Lead Organizer: Infant and Young Child Feeding workshop Aim of consultancy To take the lead in organizing a 5 day workshop on IYCF and IYCF-E for 80 participants. Place of Work: Home based with 6 days in London/ surrounding area for workshop. Time frame: 12 days of work (approx. 2 days a week) starting ASAP + 6 days for workshop The consultant will be asked to take the lead in organizing a 5 day IYCF-E workshop and to help shape the content and structure of the workshop. The consultant will be expected to attend relevant meeting in the months leading up to the workshop, set the agenda for the workshop and liaise with presenters and the lead facilitator in order to set the schedule for the workshop. The consultant will work with presenters to ensure consistency and quality of presentations, and will attend the workshop and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The consultant will work with the facilitator, who will be responsible for facilitating the actual workshop and breakout sessions, the presenters, an assistant who will help with the logistical arrangements, and the senior head of humanitarian nutrition at Save the Children. Specific tasks include: -To attend all relevant meetings leading up to the workshop. -To draw up the agenda for the meeting. -To liaise with the presenters regarding the presentation topics, correct formatting, timing, and flow of the presentation. -To develop a resource list and serve as the focal point for compiling all related recourses which will be sent to the assistant facilitator to compile into a resource for participants. -To develop a list of participants, an invitation letter, and help sending out invitations and following up with participating organizations, participants, and presenters. -To liaise with the assistant consultant to work out logistical arrangements for the workshop. Key Competencies -Extensive knowledge and understanding of Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies, the Operational Guidance on IYCF-E and the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. -Experience in organizing a workshop, training or similar. -Strong personal communication skills -Strong organizational skills. -An established professional network of individuals involved in IYCF and IYCF-E activities. -Strong presentation skills If you are interested in the above position, please send a brief statement/ cover letter including your availability, and a CV to k.pittore at

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