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Action Against Hunger - Nutrition Program Manager Position, Pakistan

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Bridget Corliss

Action Against Hunger - Nutrition PM

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24 Feb 2012, 21:53

Job Title: Nutrition Program Manager – Sindh Direct line manager: Field Coordinator - Sindh Technical Manager: NUT Coordinator - Islamabad Expected date: ASAP Country: Pakistan Base: Thatta Base (Continuous travel to field and some travel to Islamabad). Possible new bases in province in future depending on programming. Detailed objectives General Objectives: The Nutrition Program Manager (NUT PM) is responsible for CMAM program implementation, reporting, capacity building and representation at field level in all assigned bases/project sites. Although the NUT PM is directly managed by the Field Coordinator (Field Co), (s/he is performing technical aspects of project implementation as per the NUT Coordinator’s technical guidance/advice and follow up. The Field Co is kept informed (Cc and briefed) of all communications and ongoing technical issues between NUT Coordinator (NUT Co) and NUT PM. Specific Objectives: Objective 1: Manage Nutrition humanitarian/recovery programs. • In collaboration with Logistics and Administration, responsible for Nutrition program design and budgeting, in collaboration with the Field Co. • Establish when needed a new Nutrition team in new bases in Sindh, and/or expand existing teams (recruitment, training, organogram strategy). • Define program implementation modalities (targeting criteria, mobilization modalities, local partnerships, monitoring systems, staff schedules, etc.) • Define overall CMAM implementation plan in collaboration with local health authorities personnel to ensure the full package is planned. • Plan, develop and conduct trainings and start up according to final implementation plan and in line with national protocols. • Identify training needs, and supervise the technical training of all national nutrition staff members. • Provide technical support to the hospital staff in the Stabilization Center (SC) and to the health facilities staffs for the running of the Outpatient therapeutic programme (OTP) activities.Provide formal training sessions to health facility on the management of acute malnutrition whenever necessary, including refresher trainings. • Provide provision equipment, materials, supplies and drugs as necessary for start up. • Supervise the planning, implementation and monitoring of Supplementary Feeding Program (SFP) activities. • Ensure communication and coordination between the SC, OTP, SFP and community mobilization in the frame of a CMAM approach. • In consultation with Field Co and NUT CO, liaise with local government officials, UN and NGO agencies, to improve the planning and coordination of current and possible new projects. • Sensitize main stakeholders on CMAM and need for support and commitment for long term access to life saving activities for children; at this stage the overall entry/exit strategy can be shared emphasizing the vital role of the stakeholders to make this happen. • Identify structures where stakeholders are willing and motivated to integrate CMAM into the health system. • Assess the needs of identified locations with local authorities and health personnel (HR, material/training needs, rehabilitation, etc.) • Evaluate the relevance and appropriateness of current and future programming in relation to nutrition, food security and livelihoods in the local context. • Increase departmental integration with WASH and FSL through integrated assessment, design, implementation and surveillance (including geographic, household, and individual targeting utilizing integrated indicators) as per Field Co and Technical Coordinators’ guidance. • Mainstreaming gender, protection and DRR in project/program activities. • Contribute to agency contingency planning for possible Nutrition emergency response if required. • Prepare internal and external reports for ACF and donors, including expenditure plans and WSRs. Objective 2: Lead ACF Nutrition in implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E). • Develop project monitoring system in collaboration with M&E team that includes participatory methods, program progress, effectiveness of ACF facilitation, progress toward achieving targets, ability to measure stated indicators, program adherence to methodology, budget expenditure, etc. • Identify opportunities for deeper assessment, applied research, or publication related to ongoing program, particularly drought disaster risk reduction. • Contribute towards developing and maintaining a surveillance system in nutrition program areas. • Responsible for the timely submission of Nutrition Information System (NIS) reports to UNICEF. • Responsible for the timely submission of procurement request forms to Logistics and of budgets with Administration. • Produce program technical monthly report, monthly activity progress reports, and weekly sitreps. • Participate in updates of the ACF Pakistan Nutrition strategy, in addition to the larger country strategy to which it contributes. • Contribute to developing concept papers and proposals for prospective donors. Objective 3: Representation • Coordination and participation in Provincial Nutrition Cluster, and nutrition assessment/survey groups. • Support, and actively participate the sub-Nutrition Cluster group meetings at district level constructively. • Coordination with MOH, UNCEF, WFP, WHO and any other stakeholders involved in nutrition at district and provincial level and calls for ad hoc meetings when necessary. • Establish strong relation with MOH and Local authorities and local partners for their collaboration in activities implementation. • Coordinates with the health and nutrition authorities at district and Union Councils levels/ • Represent ACF nutrition programs when and if necessary vis-a-vis donors during their field visits. • Technical support to MOH and Nutrition Cluster on reviewing national CMAM guidelines. Objective 4 : Manage Nutrition department staff • Oversee all staff for the nutrition project including recruitment, regular performance evaluations, management, general well-being, job descriptions, work schedules, discipline etc. in co-ordination with the Field Co and NUT CO and in accordance with ACF International HR policies and guidelines. • Provide technical support to staff and promote learning based on project objectives and activities and ensure documentation and sharing of learning with other sectors and programs. • Ensure that staff responsibilities are clearly defined and understood, with performance objectives set against work plans and regularly monitored. • Adhere to and ensure security protocols are followed by Nutrition teams both when in office and field areas as per Field Co and HoB instructions. Qualifications requested • Experience of CMAM nutrition programs at Program Manager level or above • Experience with working in integrating CMAM into local health systems • Strong capacity building and training skills • Strong capacity for relations with state and local stakeholders • Minimum Bachelor in Nutrition, Public Health, medical sciences; Masters Degree considered. • Significant experience in recovery and development project management • Good resource management skills • Experience working with ECHO, EU and CIDA grants. • Excellent organizational, leadership and motivation/training skills • Disciplined and able to work autonomously and arrive at decisions and conclusions with minimal guidance • Able to set own deadlines and meet them consistently • Fluent in English (professional English required) • Experience with project management cycle (PCM), budgets, and donor requirements/protocols required. • Good understanding on integrated programs (FSL,WASH,NUT) and incorporation of cross-cutting issues (DRR, Protection) • Experience and flexibility in working with complex/big Organograms Is previous humanitarian experience required?: Yes / 2 years LANGUAGES ENGLISH: spoken, read, written Please apply online at

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