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Nutrition Surveillance Program Manager

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11 Apr 2012, 20:00

Title/Position: Nutrition Surveillance Program Manager Location: Pakistan Department: Field Employment Type: Contracted Min. Experience: Mid Level Description: Duration: 4 months Location: Islamabad General Objectives: The Nutrition Surveillance Program Manager (PM) is in charge of planning, designing, conducting, analyzing and reporting on surveillance, SMART survey, nutrition assessment, and coverage survey activities. The technical coordination and ACF HQ must validate all survey or study reports if an external dissemination is planned before external dissemination. The Surveillance PM is directly managed by the Nutrition Coordinator (Nut Co) and liaises with the Field Coordinator (Field Co) and Head of Base (HoB) for general coordination and support. Security measures and protocols set by the FieldCo and/or HoB must be followed by the PM at all times during in the specific Province/area. Between surveys, the PM might be asked to provide support to the implementation of ongoing nutrition program activities according to needs identified by the technical coordination. NOTE: The Nutrition Surveillance PM may need to make field visits of long duration. At those times they will be line managed on a day-to-day basis by the Field Coordinator and the Nut Co will act as a technical referent for surveillance issues and objectives support. Specific Objectives: Objective 1: To provide technical support to the departments in order to perform assessments and surveys when needed/asked by the technical departments: * Identification and design of surveys activities according to needs and capacities that might include rapid nutrition assessment, nutrition survey (SMART survey), coverage survey (SQUEAC methodology), etc. * Encouraging and facilitating an integrated approach to surveillance. * Collection of background and general information and contextual information relevant to the survey. The PM is in charge of the scientific quality of the research. S/he will organize for the field officers access to books, reports, key informants interviews, local authorities, etc, according to the needs of the research. * Responsible for the survey design (according to SMART survey methodology): initial planning, selection of tools and methods, sampling, writing guidelines and set up time frame, working days needed, budget and logistics planning and any special tools and equipment needed. * Lead the team in data collection (following designed methodology), data entry, analysis and processing of information (Sphinx, ENA for SMART, SPSS, Epi Info, Excel). * Produce survey analysis and reports and guaranty the scientific quality of the final survey report, recommendations and the integrated collaboration with other ACF technical departments for contextual information. * To write quality technical reports for external release – ie. nutrition surveys, rapid assessments, and coverage survey, ACF training sessions and/or workshops. * To disseminate findings among stakeholders, partners, ACF teams, etc. Objective 2: Management and internal coordination: * Supervision of the surveillance/SMART survey/coverage survey teams including: induction, follow up, evaluation, and promotion of positive team dynamics and motivation. * Training and building of technical capacity of the surveys' team. * Collaboration with Deputy Country Director, Technical and Field Coordinators, and Program Managers and any other ACF resource people in order to ensure the coherence of ACF activities and reports. * Collaboration with health authorities and Nutrition implementing partners. * Follow up of the budget allocated to survey activities in liaison with Administration * Follow up of the logistics requirements of the surveys' team with the Logistics Department and relevant HoBs and/or Field Cos * Participation in the program strategy, narrative and financial project proposals Objective 3: Capacity development: * Liaising with relevant ministries and stakeholders to identify survey training needs and develop appropriate funding proposals * Support ACF Nutrition program PMs and Nutrition teams on any challenge faced with implementation of nutrition activities * Planning and facilitating technical capacity building and training sessions for the government ministries and partner NGOs/UN agencies staff Objective 4: External representation and coordination: * Representation of ACF to UN, other NGO bodies and agencies including community leaders at the district level. * Coordination with the Ministry of Health and/or other line ministries for the implementation of surveillance/survey activities. Level of study/specific qualifications/technical requested: * Bachelor in master’s degree in Epidemiology, nutrition, Food Security&Livelihoods, WASH, Agricultural development, sociology or related studies. * At least 2 years of experience in humanitarian work * Experience in surveillance specifically in Nutrition, FSL and WASH * Excellent knowledge of SMART, LQAS, CSAS methodologies for surveillance * Knowledge of nutrition program coverage survey methodologies such as SLEAC and/or SQUEAC * Excellent communication skills * Excellent writing and analytical skills. * Good management and representation competencies. * Excellent influencing and negotiation skills * Experience in developing world context * Familiarity with ACF and acceptance of ACF’s principles. * Familiarity with donors and donor procedures * Is previous humanitarian experience needed?: Yes Apply online at:

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