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Is there a protocol/algorithm developed for the management of children who fail to respond to treatment in Supplementary feeding programme.

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Rogers Wanyama

Emergency Nutrition Specialist

Normal user

19 Mar 2009, 12:52

Marie McGrath


Forum moderator

20 Mar 2009, 11:43

Dear Rogers W, In issue 34 Field Exchange, there is an article by Prof Mike Golden and Yvonne Grellety on exactly that subject and a suggested algorithm. You can download the article in html at: If you would like a print copy of the issue (free), register your details on the ENN website. Best regards Marie, ENN


Nutrition Advisor

Normal user

19 Mar 2009, 18:52

The normal protocol is to refer to the nearest health facility for further treatment for complicating factors such as TB or HIV/AIDS, etc.

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