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Siblings of SAM children

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Anonymous 1342

Normal user

21 Apr 2012, 20:19

we have been having a debate about what kind of nutritional support is available to siblings of SAM children and especially where there is limited funding. in a family where there are say 6 children and 1 who is SAM (or MAM), the risk of sharing becomes high even though the mother is counselled. this has been happening in the area we are working in with the health workers reporting low recovery/worsening of nutritional status of the child. what can we do?

M Shaikh

Nutrition Advisor/WFP

Normal user

27 Jun 2012, 10:20

In Pakistan CMAM programme, WFP has been distributing High Energy fortified biscuits for the siblings of both MAM and SAM children to address sharing. Regardless of actual number of siblings, each SAM/MAM child receives for siblings 75 g biscuits/day. Beneficiary contact monitoring indicates that this has been effective.

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