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Ambulatory Therapautic Feeding Centre

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Melaku Begashaw

Normal user

30 Apr 2012, 05:00

What is Ambulatory Therapeutic Feeding Center? What is its differences from CMAM?

Mark Myatt

Consultant Epideomiologist

Frequent user

1 May 2012, 11:07

It is MSF's term for a therapeutic feeding program that treats the majority of patients as outpatients using the CTC protocol. I think that "ambulatory" is a direct translation from the French term "outpatients". You may also see this as "CRENAS". ACF may also use this term.

Programs that I have seen lack the community mobilisation of CTC (as, to be fair, do many CMAM programs) and achieve moderate coverage. MSF's principal recent innovation is to use MUAC for both admission and discharge (that is what they did in a recent program in Gedaref).

Melaku Begashaw

Normal user

1 May 2012, 12:55

Thank you Mark!

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