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Nutrition Coordinator -- Pakistan

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3 May 2012, 14:48

Description General Objectives: This is a Senior Management position expected to develop national NUT programming and co-ordinate the effective technical implementation and strategic engagement with the cluster/working groups by ACF departmental staff at the national and provincial levels in Pakistan. The NUT Coordinator is the primary focal point in giving key technical advice on program development at all stages of the project cycle to NUT staff as well as validating reporting. He/she assists Field Coordinators and MEAL staff in ensuring mission strategic objectives are supported and realized. He/she sets guidelines and standards and is responsible for capacity building, technical support and ensuring quality for all NUT activities. Specific Objectives: Objective 1: To develop national Nutrition programming and co-ordinate its effective technical implementation nationally Activities: • To technically advise and support the field-based program managers towards implementing high-quality programs which adhere to governmental and organizational rules and guidelines. • To attend national level and where appropriate, important international/provincial/field-level technical fora, working groups, workshops and strategic think tanks related to the department. • To plan, prepare and, where needed, directly support or execute technical assessments (taking in to account ACF integration approach) and ensure reports are correctly and timely submitted to line management. • To validate the technical approaches and methodologies used in the field according to latest ACF and government guidelines. • To work with the Field Coordinators and MEAL team in identifying needs, gaps, priority areas and appropriate interventions in locations where ACF works and in new locations in the mission country. • When possible, to ensure integration of programs with other departments. • To technically support the monitoring, evaluation and reporting procedures and systems set forth by the mission management. • To support the annual development of the mission’s departmental strategy in line with the ACF International Strategic Plan 2010-2015, ACF-USA strategic plan, and context needs. Objective 2: To develop technically relevant reports and proposals reflective of government, organization and donor guidelines and to ensure they are submitted on time to line management Activities: • To work with the Program Managers in developing new proposals for relief, recovery and developmental interventions, and contractually required donor and internal reports. • To coordinate with the Field Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator and Administration Coordinator in finalizing and validating proposals and reports before submitting to the Country Director. • To ensure all reports and proposals submitted to the Country Director have been technically validated by the relevant Technical Advisor(s) in HQ. • To ensure technical work plans are coherent with financial and procurement plans based on context and experience. • To coordinate with other Technical Coordinators for integrated projects and, with the Field Coordinator, ensure technical field staff is supported in doing the same. • To continuously compile and improve mission technical documentation (maps, reports, evaluations, meeting minutes, guidelines) and proactively disseminate it to the field staff, Field Coordinators and MEAL staff. • In conjunction with the MEAL Manager, ensure roll out of monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning initiatives involving the department. • To submit all required and requested reports and adhoc updates (TMR/APR, MEAL support information, government reporting, etc, see below for further info.) on time. • To submit, before End of Mission, a substantial Handover report to replacement, CD, and HQ Technical Adviser and when possible, to ensure a field handover visit is made. Objective 3: To support proper and adequate resource management: HR, Finance and assets. Activities: • To support in the recruitment of departmental staff: • Technical validation of Job Descriptions. • Support to recruitment testing and if needed, interviews. • National coherence of Job Descriptions in the mission. • Ensuring Job Descriptions are reflective of the major national technical context changes. • Direct recruitment in field in the absence of a Program Manager (for example for new or emergency interventions) • To ensure timely, accurate and complete technical feedback and objectives are submitted to Field Coordinators and other line managers of field staff as required by mission career development guidelines. • To foster the career development of national and international technical staff and to carry out relevant technical training for the staff as evidenced by appraisal or directed by management. • To support the field Program Managers in evaluations of the national departmental staff as required. • To support, with the Field Coordinator, the Program Managers in creating field-level departmental organigrams. • To support, with the Logistics Coordinator and Field Coordinator, the Program Managers in creating programmatic Procurement Plans. • To support the Logistics department in ensuring timely delivery of equipments and materials by making sure supplies have the required technical validation on time nationally and in the field. • Support the Administration Coordinator and Field Coordinators in financial forecasting for programs. Objective 4: To represent the department and the organization at national, regional, or international levels and promote ACF’s technical viewpoints, guidelines and methods of work Activities: • To represent ACF within national co-ordination groups and actively seek out high-level groups in which to advocate for ACF and its beneficiaries. • To represent ACF at any relevant forum as required/requested by the CD. • As necessary, to liaise with donor technical staff in relations to ACF’s programming. • To proactively collaborate with national authorities, ACF counterparts and staff, partner agencies and consortia/Alliances/partnerships. • To ensure ACF Pakistan and the Pakistani context is adequately represented at specific ACF regional undertakings in matters of departmental significance. Level of study/specific qualifications/technical requested: • Advanced University degree (Masters) preferably in medical sciences, nursing or social sciences. • Minimum three years experience of nutrition programs at national coordination level (with at least 2 years experience in program implementation). Experience with capacity building of health systems in developing contexts an advantage. • Clear understanding of child and gender protection issues in the field. • Significant experience with INGOs in recovery and complex emergencies. Previous experience with partnerships and alliances an asset. • Proven management and coordination skills (HR, projects, and stress management). • Proven ability to translate analysis and evaluation into operational planning and strategy. • Experience with evaluations and monitoring as well as PCM. • Experience with donor communications. • Advanced knowledge of donors’ guidelines and procedures (ECHO, UNICEF, OCHA, CIDA etc.) • Ability to work in a mainstreamed manner and analyze/capitalize institutionalized information. • Good diplomatic and negotiation skills • Mindful and respectful towards local cultural specificities. • Disciplined and able to work and arrive at decisions autonomously and with minimal guidance. • Fluent in English (professional English). • Excellent drafting and written skills. • Is previous humanitarian experience required?: Yes / 5 years For more information visit and apply online at:

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