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9 May 2012, 16:33

Description Location: Northern Nigeria Duration: 12 months Objective 1: To strengthen the technical capacities of the State and LGAs integrating CMAM with support by the State (Nguru, Machina, Geidam, Yusfari, Yunusari, & Fika) and promote activities for state based systems thus including ACF supported LGAs in trainings (Damaturu, Fune, Potiskum) Conduct capacity assessment with support of Nutrition Focal Persons and LGA Teams • Develop and define a standard capacity assessment tool for materials and skills in collaboration with the State. • Organize mechanism for conduction of the assessment in order to cover the targeted area in a timely manner. • Review and compile collected information; define recommendations based on the assessment. Design, preparation, planning and delivery of training • From assessment findings, determine areas for training and develop modules (as needed) for training within Adult Learning Cycle principles. • Define a planning for delivery of training of different LGAs in coordination with State Nutrition Officer and in communication with UNICEF Regional Office. • Define a mechanism to strengthen State Capacity in training (ToT, team of Core Trainers for CMAM in the State) • Deliver training with evaluation and follow-up systems according to planning, • Review system with main participants and stakeholders after a 3-months period (end of March). • Create systems to reveal impact of trainings via training evaluation as well as larger comparative indicator follow-up. • Conduct refresher trainings for all the LGAs implementing CMAM on technical aspects of treatment • Support conduction of other ad hoc training as identified needed. Supportive supervision • Conduct training or coaching sessions as needed in supportive supervision • Jointly visit sites with nutrition focal persons or other to conduct supportive supervision • Support development of brief supervision reports with key recommendations. • Coordinate joint supervision by the State to all 9 LGAs and work closely with Nut PM in ensuring State involvement in support to Damaturu, Potiskum and Fune. SMART and/or other surveys/assessments (as appropriate) • Participate and support SMART surveys that may be conducted in the same area of intervention. • Identify mechanisms to improve quality of surveys and evaluate these (if identified necessary) • Support any additional assessments or surveys as may be identified necessary. General Project Management: • Ensures that the monitoring system contributes towards program performance reaching performance according to national thresholds established. In case results do not meet thresholds, proposed additional solutions towards the improvement of the results and on process to learn what may be affecting performance. • Ensures frequent joint visits to the field to monitor activities with SMoH and/or LGA teams. • Proposes and initiates improvements according to the needs and ACF general strategy. • Is able to adjust the program according to any change in the context. Objective 2: To jointly develop a supply management system for supplies in Yobe State, design training and implementation framework for dissemination • Coordinate, consult and facilitate process of supply system design with the State. • Support preparation for training of all LGAs and key stakeholders toward implementation/adoption of the supply system. • Support follow-up and refresher trainings/review needed in order to ensure that the system is sustainable and functional. Objective 3: To coordinate internally with ACF team and externally with stakeholders/authorities linked to the project • Ensures at least weekly communication with the Tech Co for program update • Follows up program budget with the administration department and prepares monthly cash forecasts • Coordinate with the health and nutrition authorities at state and LGA levels. At least one meeting should be ensured per week with the SMOH, and any time necessary. The relations with the SMOH are vital to results of the program. • Participates to the monthly nutrition coordination meetings at state level when feasible. • Coordinates with the other nutritional NGOs and UNICEF at state/regional level. Calls for specific meeting when necessary. • Keep update on the evolution of the health and nutrition situation in all the states targeted by the program, and on the evolution of the responses in the areas. Objective 4: To follow human resource ACF policies • Recruits program assistant to support activities as identified necessary. • Manages the program staff in order to ensure the smooth running of nutrition programs, in respect with all HR procedures. • Ensures at least two evaluations per year for each staff of the nutrition department. • In collaboration with the HR department, ensures the support to the field teams for all matters concerning human resources for the nutrition department. • Trains the staff with the skills necessary in order to perform capacity building tasks (Training of Trainers, `coaching` skills, on the job training skills, etc.). • Proposes additional training to the nutrition staff whenever necessary and relevant. • Objective 5: To ensure timely reporting to Tech Co and district health authorities • Is responsible for the elaboration, in partnership with the Tech Co, of the nutrition program donor reports (proposal, quarterly, final reports), with respect of the formats and deadlines. • Prepares monthly activity reports (compilation of the activities on the base(s) and activity report) with a qualitative look at the programs (sent to Tech Co). Internal reports should include the activity progress report in respect with the mission format. Monthly reports should also integrate all indicators to be reported to donors. • Finalizes the monthly activities reports presented to the medical authorities (SMoH) and ensures validation by the Tech Co before dissemination. • Prepares punctual qualitative study (surveys, focus groups, etc) in collaboration with SMOH/LGA teams, supports report drafting and review for dissemination. Objective 6: To ensure positive and effective internal and external communication • Communicates with the SMOH and LGA teams to ensure understanding and role of the monitoring activities. • Works closely in coordination and synergy with other technical departments and programs in ACF (food security, watsan) for the information collection and coherence of intervention. Other technical departments should be systematically consulted for any proposal writing for information sharing and analysis of the field situation. • Communicates regularly with the Tech Co. Education / Specific Degrees / Special Skills: • At least 2 years experience in advisory level nutrition post. • At least 4 years experience with community based approach to malnutrition treatment, including community mobilization and monitoring & evaluation aspects. • Minimum Masters Degree in nutrition, public health or related field. A Doctorate degree strongly desired • Significant experience in working with governments and demonstrating capacity towards achievements through national institutions expected. • Capacity building commitment and techniques for ACF and MoH/MNU essential. • Excellent inter and intra personal skills to ensure consistent positive relations with MoH/MNU. • Proficient skills in adult learning skills and overall training delivery techniques essential • Excellent organizational, leadership and motivation/training skills. • Must be disciplined and able to work autonomously and arrive at decisions and conclusions with minimal guidance. • The person must be able to set own deadlines and meet them consistently. • Fluent in English (professional English required). • Humanitarian field experience requested: YES For more information visit and apply online at:

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