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Ethics in NIE

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Normal user

21 Jun 2012, 18:51

Hello, I am preparing a brief lecture for nutrition students on ethics and Nutrition in Emergencies - mainly ethics in food interventions and ethics in IYCF. Any useful references particularly on this subject that I could use? Thanks in advance! Linda

Karleen Gribble

Assoc Prof Western Sydney University

Normal user

22 Jun 2012, 00:10

Hi Linda, I shall submit one for your consideration. Karleen Gribble, K. D., M. McGrath, et al. (2011). "Supporting breastfeeding in emergencies: protecting women's reproductive rights and maternal and infant health." Disasters 35(4): 720-738. Women have the right to support that enables them to breastfeed. Supporting breastfeeding in emergencies is important because artificial feeding places mothers and children at risk. In emergencies, artificial feeding is dangerous to the infant, difficult and requires substantial resources. In contrast, breastfeeding guards infant health. It is also protective against postpartum haemorrhage, maternal depletion, maternal anaemia and closely spaced births and should therefore concern not only nutritionists, but also those involved in reproductive health. However, it is common for women's ability to breastfeed to be undermined in emergencies by the indiscriminate distribution of breast-milk substitutes and the absence of breastfeeding support. Controlling the distribution of breast-milk substitutes, providing supportive environments, and appropriate medical and practical assistance to breastfeeding women safeguards the health and well-being of mothers and babies. Greater collaboration between the nutrition and reproductive health sectors is required to promote best practice in protecting breastfeeding women and their children in emergencies.

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