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New SMART website launched

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Tamsin Walters

en-net moderator

Forum moderator

1 Aug 2012, 17:40

Dear all

ACF-CA has released a new version of the SMART website that facilitates navigation and allows for easier access to information. Training material and website content are now available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

New on this SMART website are:
• Easy to use tools to prepare and build your survey teams' capacities using the SMART methodology.
• Videos to complement certain modules of the Standardized Training Package (STP).
• Step-by-step instructions on how to download SMART software (ENA& EPI/ENA).New Guide for ENA & EPI/ENA, both available soon.
• Details on how ACF-CA can assist your survey needs during mid- to large-scale emergencies.
• User-friendly Forum for all your SMART-related questions & additional FAQs.
• List of participants trained by ACF-CA in the SMART methodology & SMART-related jobs.
• Document on how to better understand Sampling using the SMART methodology- available in English & French.

Find it at:
SMART forum

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