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Protocols for Growth faltering

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8 Aug 2012, 07:50

We have been working on performance improvement of the local government program. A recent workshop highlighted amongst many gaps that Growth monitoring rates are low and that Growth monitoring often does not lead to growth promotion. There is no clarity on 1. When do we consider a child has growth faltering? Literature from UK are very complicated. I am looking for simple cutoffs - like not gaining weight for three months in a row - that can be handled by community workers, with or without growth curves 2. Protocols for referring such children and what should the referral health personnel do. I would like to hear field experiences and tested protocols in third world situations.

Marie McGrath

Technical Director, ENN

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8 Aug 2012, 20:20

Dear Suranjeen There was an interesting and relevant review by UNICEF 'Revisiting the concept of growth monitoring and its possible role in community-based programmes', published in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin in 2011, and summarised in Field Exchange 42. You can access the Field Exchange summary at: The review highlights that the act of growth monitoring alone does not support growth rates in the community, it is what you do with that information and intervene to address faltering growth that is critical. Best regards Marie

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