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programming strategy

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Nicholus Tint Zaw


Normal user

7 Sep 2012, 11:51

In the background situation of transition to Democracy (Law and policy are not surely apply for maternity rights in workplace, unemployment rate also high), we are now working as urban nutrition (IYCF) project through mother to mother support group strategies. But, there are a lot of challenges as high displacement rate of targeted people and even volunteer, the factories are only seeking for their business profit, and there are a lot of corruption between Government social welfare or labor union and business men. So, activities are hardly implemented even the health education session. Currently, we have to deal with factory owner to make model factor for promoting IYCF and maternity rights. Meanwhile, there are a lot of strike happen in the project areas by worker for demand for standard minimum pay for them (there is not law regarding minimum wages for every employees in our country and most of the business men have taken a lot of advantages as manipulation on employees.). So, such kind of situation lead the factories to think as it was caused by NGO. It make more difficult to deal with factories. Therefore, such kind of background situation what kind of programming strategies should apply? should focus on factories level implementation, community level implementation or high level policy advocacy work?

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