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How to monitor and evaluate Fresh Food Supply for MAM chidlren?

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Nicholus Tint Zaw


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12 Sep 2012, 13:11

I am participating in one nutrition project, that did not use any treatment intervention on SAM and MAM. However, they support fresh food to MAM child families (with different menu and beyond the kcal of what the children need) for twenty days a month. But, still lack medical treatment for MAM. Now, I am going to evaluate the the outcome of this intervention. So, using the calculation like coverage rate, cure rate, non cure rate and relapse rate as CTC program. So, does it make sense to measure the outcome like it? If yes, can we use Sphere standard to interpret the results. OR If not, how can we measure this project outcome? We did not have any non-control group study data and proper database system like CTC. Because it is very new for us. So, could you help me on this? Thanks!

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