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Sample size for IYCF assessment - new question in Assessment Area

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5 May 2009, 20:06

We are on process to conduct baseline nutrition survey (two stage cluster sampling, 30 by 30). Within this survey, we want to include assessment of IYCF for children 0 to 23 months. However, we are not sure how many infants under six month to be included in the survey, on top of the 900 children 6 to 59 months. The other question is, are the number children 6 to 23 months screened from the nutrition survey enough to assess the prevalence of other IYCF indicators (2007 new modified indicators) such as Timely initiation of BF 0-23 months, Timely complementary feeding 6 to 9.9 months, Introduction of solid/semi-solid or soft foods 6-8.9 months, Continued breastfeeding 12-15.9 months, and dietary diversity 6-23 months? The above question has been posted in the Assessment area but is likely of interest to this area too. If you would like to respond or see replies, please go to the question in the Assessment area.

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