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review of malnutrition and mortality indicators for food security classification

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Susanne Jaspars

Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

Normal user

22 May 2009, 14:58

This question was posted in the General forum area though some previous questions in the Assessment area have touched on similar topics. I am moving the question here to try and stimulate further discussion (Forum Moderator): Helen Young and I are reviewing the nutrition and mortality indicators used in the Integrated Phase Classification (IPC), on behalf of the SCN Sub-Task Force on Assessment Monitoring and Evaluation and the IPC Technical Working Group. In order to improve and update the IPC as a situation analysis tool we will be reviewing new technical knowledge, the evidence base and lessons learned from IPC field experience. As part of this review we are looking at: 1. The evidence base for the selection of reference levels (also known as thresholds or benchmarks) for nutrition and mortality indicators that classify or define the severity or magnitude of food insecurity. 2. The evidence base for the relationship between mortality and/or food security indicators with different anthropometric indicators (WH, WA, HA, BMI, MUAC); any meta-analyses of population level data; any recent prospective studies on their association; 3. The implications of the MGRS-2006 standards on the selection of thresholds and also the association between malnutrition and mortality or relationship to food insecurity. 4. Documented practice of applying reference levels as part of classification systems or decision-making frameworks. We would like to ask your help particularly on the last point, examples of actual practice and issues in applying reference levels (for example the WHO reference levels for classifying malnutrition in the community) in particular as part of food security classification and decision making. Thank you in advance, Best wishes, Helen Young and Susanne Jaspars

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