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Rita Bhatia

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Date joined: 3/25/2012
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I am a public Nutrition expert with over 30 year of experience in managing nutrition programmes in emergency and deveopment.


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TopicForum areaDate posted
Potential Negative Impacts of Cash Transfers on Nutrition StatusLivelihoods interventions2 April 2015
Urgent question for treatment of AM in besieged areas of Syria with NO access to RUTFManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition24 May 2015
screening criteria for Low birth weight children in malnutritionManagement of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI)27 September 2016
Information on Emergency Recuperation RationFood assistance14 March 2017
Food demonstrationFood assistance14 March 2017
Suitable crops in eastern UgandaLivelihoods interventions1 April 2017
Nutrition in emergencyAssessment and Surveillance1 April 2017
Administering Folic Acid for MAM children with AnemiaManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition9 January 2018
How many kilos of fruit and veg does one person need per month to make a significant impact on their nutritional status?Micronutrients13 January 2018
Manuscript reviewersManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition8 May 2018
Training Need Assessment (TNA) tool on Nutrition in Emergency Assessment and Surveillance17 May 2018
SAM higher than MAM?Assessment and Surveillance27 June 2018
What is the correct population percentage proportion to use when consider 0-5 years in developing countries?Assessment and Surveillance7 February 2020
Food groups to assess diet diversityInfant and young child feeding interventions24 August 2020
Will there soon be an update of the 2004 UN Food and Nutrition Needs in Emergencies (2004)?Food assistance17 April 2023
Will there soon be an update of the 2004 UN Food and Nutrition Needs in Emergencies (2004)?Food assistance18 April 2023
Metric to assess adequacy of screening coverageManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition15 December 2023