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Colleen Emary

Role: Normal user
Position: Sr Technical Advisor, Health & Nutrition
Date joined: 4/23/2009
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TopicForum areaDate posted
Project Manager, Bangladesh Nutrition Initiative Project, World VisionAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed13 March 2013
Nutrition Information Management Officer - World Vision Announcements & Nutritionists needed27 May 2013
Regional Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Specialist - East AsiaAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed15 June 2015
Senior Emergency Nutrition Advisor (50% position)Announcements & Nutritionists needed18 August 2015
Nutrition Consultant needed: CMAM mhealth project monitoring, CHADAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed24 March 2016
Global Nutrition Cluster Rapid Response Team - Nutrition Information Manager, WVIAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed21 June 2016
Invitation to webinar on World Vision Global Health and Nutrition Response FrameworkAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed7 February 2017
Theory of Change diagram for CMAM approachManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition24 May 2017
Technical Advisor, Nutrition World Vision InternationalAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed18 July 2017
Senior Advisor-DME & Research for NutritionAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed19 September 2018
High Energy Biscuit SuppliersFood assistance12 June 2019
Invitation to join CFS side event: CFS Side event: Gender Equality & Malnutrition Transformation: approaches to addressing causes & improved nutrition Announcements & Nutritionists needed15 October 2019
Simplified MUAC measurement technique - use in surveys? Assessment and Surveillance21 November 2019
Global average mortality rate for untreated MAMManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition24 January 2022
Tackling the Crisis of Acute Malnutrition: Improving Treatment Coverage. WHA Side EventAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed19 April 2022


TopicForum areaDate posted
Integrating CMAM and IYCFManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition16 July 2009
Quick and (not) dirtyAssessment and Surveillance29 September 2010
Is there any literature on best practices for promoting breastfeeding during CMAMInfant and young child feeding interventions19 April 2012
How long should a baby be exclusively breastfed? Infant and young child feeding interventions24 May 2012
Any available studies on refugee populationManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition6 September 2016
Trouver la médiane pour le dépistage de la malnutritoin par le périmètre brachial (PB) Management of wasting/acute malnutrition16 November 2017
CMAM Reports. What happened between admission and discharge?Management of wasting/acute malnutrition7 March 2019
reliable paper MUAC strips - EbolaAssessment and Surveillance8 April 2019
High Energy Biscuit SuppliersFood assistance13 June 2019
Maternal Nutrition/Minimum Meal Frequency for Pregnant and Lactating Women Management of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI)15 March 2021
Duration of stay in CMAM programs for special childrenManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition29 March 2022
Novavax and lactationInfant and young child feeding interventions13 April 2022
Alternative solutions for SAM Children Management of wasting/acute malnutrition7 November 2022
Does anyone have experience using non-invasive Hb testing devices?Cross-cutting issues1 June 2023
Does anyone have experience using non-invasive Hb testing devices?Cross-cutting issues2 June 2023