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TopicForum areaDate posted
Quality benchmark or checklist to monitor the quality of group education in IYCFInfant and young child feeding interventions6 November 2022
Alternative solutions for SAM Children Management of wasting/acute malnutrition7 November 2022
BMS Programming GuideInfant and young child feeding interventions21 November 2022
What are further interventions if child has died with malnutrition in OTP ProgramManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition13 December 2022
LQAS Assessment Full GuidanceAssessment and Surveillance13 December 2022
Exit and Sustainability Strategy of wasting programManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition28 December 2022
Blanket Supplementary Supplies for Malnourished children, Pregnant and Lactation WomenManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition27 January 2023
Innovative nutrition interventions for wasting programmeManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition27 January 2023


TopicForum areaDate posted
What is good counselling for Complementary Feeding? Infant and young child feeding interventions7 November 2022
Alternative solutions for SAM Children Management of wasting/acute malnutrition8 November 2022
CONSUMPTION OF RUTF BY NON-MALNUTRITION PEOPLE IN KASAI ORIENTALManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition18 January 2023
Support groups in emergencies - request for guidance/ documentation/ researchInfant and young child feeding interventions23 January 2023
Standards Guide for treatment services for severe acute malnutrition with complications in a Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC)Management of wasting/acute malnutrition13 February 2023
WET NURSING GUIDANCE – END USER CONSULTATIONInfant and young child feeding interventions20 March 2023