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Kemal J Tunne Ethiopia

Role: Normal user
Position: Senior Emergency Nutrition Coordinator
Date joined: 4/1/2015
Email address:

• More than 19years’ experience of health and nutrition service management, clinician, head of a department, project coordination, supervision, monitoring, and evaluation.
• Active team player with the ability to work well independently under stress and tight deadlines as well as to work effectively with people of all levels and diverse background
• I have experiences knowledge of Donors policy like, ECHO, UNICEF, OCHA, CIDA, DFID, USAID, etc.)
• Solid experiences managing community based magt of malnutrition (CMAM) and IYCF programs in Ethiopia with a global leading Health & nutrition organization.
• Excellent understanding of Food Security and WASH sectors as crucial in addressing underlying causes of malnutrition assessments Baseline and midterm and Final Evaluation Nutrition projects, advocacy on harmful traditional practice etc.
• Strengths: Ethical, compassionate, conscientious, honest, meticulous with strong analytical skills, cooperative, innovative, self-motivated, committed and result-driven with high initiative to accomplish the job efficiently and timely


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