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Position: Freelance Nutritionist
Date joined: 12/7/2019
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I have done graduation in nutrition and dietetics. I am an active member of a website based on famous international brand challenges, where I share my ideas with famous food brands by participating in their different challenges; I created the complete presentation based on creative writing and visuals. They accepted my ideas, appreciated me by presenting the certificates.
I am also an active member of the Pakistan nutrition organization, where I have attended the continuing education sessions based on evidence base knowledge. I keep myself upgraded by attending the nutrition courses, international conferences and seminars.


TopicForum areaDate posted
Is fortified Banspatti Ghee (Trans fat) considered healthy to meet the challenges of malnutrition and health issues in Pakistan? That means trans-fat or hydrogenated is becoming an acceptable part of Pakistani diet….Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)10 December 2019
Need to understand the meaning of "balanced diet" to face the pandemic COVID-19 situation.COVID-19 and nutrition programming21 March 2020
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IFPRI estimates, more than 200 million people are malnourished in Pakistan. The largest number of Pakistanis are vulnerable to severe COVID-19 infection. Is there any emergency plan for this?COVID-19 and nutrition programming2 May 2020
Is it important to check vitamin K deficiency? COVID-19 and nutrition programming28 May 2020
I have a concern; do people continue to feed on bio fortified food after overcoming the dietary deficiency?Micronutrients29 October 2020
Is the ONE HEALTH concept, which is about 16 years old, more important now? COVID-19 and nutrition programming3 December 2020


TopicForum areaDate posted
Simplified protocol - RUSF SAM treatmentSimplified Approaches for the Management of Acute Malnutrition8 December 2019
Simplified protocol - RUSF SAM treatmentSimplified Approaches for the Management of Acute Malnutrition10 December 2019
Nutrition management in COVID patients COVID-19 and nutrition programming30 March 2020