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Sharon Cox

Role: Normal user
Position: Assoc Professor
Date joined: 5/3/2016
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I am a researcher interested in various aspects of nutrition in health in low and middle income countries. this includes interactions between nutrition and infection, in particular relating to the problem of preventing, diagnosing and treating iron deficiency in areas with a high infectious burden. I am also interested in research concerning how to increase the diagnosis and improve the management of malnutrition in children and adults admitted or seen at health facilities with primary diagnoses other than malnutrition or anaemia. I believe that important opportunities are being missed to treat these conditions, potentially leading to poorer outcomes in hospital and post-discharge. The causes of anaemia are complex and iron deficiency, although important, should just be one of the causes considered when deciding how to treat. Major investments are needed in improved and affordable point-of-care diagnostics to achieve this.


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