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Natasha Lelijveld

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TopicForum areaDate posted
Planning for supply chain disruption to RUTF, RUSF and CSB++COVID-19 and nutrition programming14 April 2020
Seeking any evidence/experience of using RUTF to manage wasting in infants <6 months Management of wasting/acute malnutrition21 October 2020
Webinar question: can anyone share guidance to measure the dietary diversity for adolescents ? Adolescent nutrition9 March 2021
Webinar question: What major interventions should we focus on to improve adolescent nutrition?Adolescent nutrition9 March 2021
Webinar question: How can an ethnographic, participatory approach to adolescent intervention be scaleable?Adolescent nutrition18 March 2021
Webinar question: Could the appeal for using social media for improving nutrition knowledge and practices be different in urban areas vs. rural areas?Adolescent nutrition18 March 2021
Webinar question: Can you comment on how participatory activities for designing adolescent nutrition solutions can consider the gender and religious influences on adolescent nutrition ?Adolescent nutrition18 March 2021
Two Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Nutrition positions at City, University of LondonAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed17 June 2021


TopicForum areaDate posted
Anthropometry (BMI) for women 19 years old - confusion on what to useAssessment and Surveillance6 October 2020
Webinar question: Given that our school curricular are loaded already, how best can nutrition education be dispensed in schools? What best practice evidence is there?Adolescent nutrition26 March 2021