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Medical Doctor with at last 14 years with continuous involvement in Humanitariarian and development Project/Programme.
I am Coulibaly Zana (MD,MPH) 14 years of experience with international Organisation.
Areas of expertise:
1_Health Emergency Setting and developpement
2_Interest for strategic reflection and multidisciplinary thoughts in Public Health
3_Competences in project coordination- Supervision of medical and surgical project 4_Developement of operational skills in management of Nutrition- Mother and Child’s Project.
5_Qualified and familar with NGO’s and National Public Health Programme cycle
Familiar with the questions araised during National system and Ngo’s collaboration

This plateforme is remarkable for sharing and discussion on nutrition. Hope to participate with enough professionnalism. Being in third World sometimes we faced issued regarding internet, devices and hostile environment. Therefore it is not always we could give our best. Lets stay in touch for Zero Hunger.


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