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Stephanie Wrottesley

Role: Forum moderator
Position: Emergency Nutrition Network
Date joined: 3/2/2021
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TopicForum areaDate posted
Question arising from the ENN webinar:Adolescent nutrition3 March 2021
Webinar question: 'enabling environments' for adolescent health and nutritionAdolescent nutrition3 March 2021
Webinar question: Is there information, or any studies, on nutrition status among adolescents living with HIV? Adolescent nutrition5 March 2021
Webinar question: I would be interested to know about any work or insights into eating disorders amongst adolescents in LMICs?Adolescent nutrition5 March 2021
Webinar question: Given that our school curricular are loaded already, how best can nutrition education be dispensed in schools? What best practice evidence is there?Adolescent nutrition11 March 2021
Help us shape our work on navigating nutrition dataAssessment and Surveillance28 July 2021
Call for Good Practices in Food Security and Nutrition in the African regionAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed8 June 2023
IFE Core Group Coordinator - deadline extensionAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed9 June 2023
WEBINAR: management section of WHO guideline on the prevention and management of wasting and nutritional oedema (acute malnutrition)Announcements & Nutritionists needed18 July 2023
International Consultant: West Africa regional landscape analysis of nutritional & health management of infants at risk of poor growth and developmentAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed18 July 2023
Programme Specialist - Gender and NutritionAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed19 July 2023
WEBINAR SERIES: Dissemination and operationalization of the new WHO guidelines on prevention and management of wasting in AfricaAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed26 September 2023
Survey to prioritize research on small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements (SQ-LNS)Announcements & Nutritionists needed28 September 2023
World Public Health Nutrition Congress 2024: Community ConversationsAnnouncements & Nutritionists needed21 February 2024


TopicForum areaDate posted
Webinar question: What reference for z-scores should we use for adolescents? Adolescent nutrition2 March 2021
In need of a tool to evaluate adolescent nutrition knowledge levels.Assessment and Surveillance31 January 2023
Is there an agreed definition of high risk MAMManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition17 July 2023