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TopicForum areaDate posted
What are the criteria for exiting the transitional phase in TFC and is a 15% weight gain a criterion for exit?Management of wasting/acute malnutrition2 September 2022
Do WHO recommendations mean that there will likely be TFCs linked with special milk banks, or will dairy products be allowed to feed children?Infant and young child feeding interventions3 February 2023
Standards Guide for treatment services for severe acute malnutrition with complications in a Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC)Management of wasting/acute malnutrition11 February 2023
Will a child will be accepted in the OTP/MAM programme, or in the TFC?Management of wasting/acute malnutrition24 February 2023
what are the qualitative and quantitative performance indicators to measure the impact of a training course in CMAM?Management of wasting/acute malnutrition12 May 2023
The local alternatives' contribution in the event of a disruption in the supply chain of ready-to-use therapeutic food(RUTF-RUSF)Management of wasting/acute malnutrition26 May 2023
The relationship of acute malnutrition rates to Climate change.     Cross-cutting issues23 July 2023
MANGO: MODELLING AN ALTERNATIVE NUTRITION PROTOCOL GENERALIZABLE FOR OUTPATIENT therapeutic food Management of wasting/acute malnutrition30 July 2023
are there response failure criteria in the child's treatment with moderate acute malnutrition?Management of wasting/acute malnutrition21 September 2023
Children with slowly increasing MUAC value.Management of wasting/acute malnutrition6 November 2023


TopicForum areaDate posted
Monitoring, evaluation and learning plan child and maternal nutrition interventionsAssessment and Surveillance2 June 2021
Calculating amount of ingredients needed to formulate a complementary food productInfant and young child feeding interventions5 July 2021
Z-SCORE of OTP.Management of wasting/acute malnutrition17 July 2021
MAM with complications treated as SAM in IPF/ITFCManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition2 September 2022
Is there a special protocol and a special therapeutic food for mild malnutrition treatment? Management of wasting/acute malnutrition19 December 2022
the admission to the OTP with low MUAC values, and with mild standard deviation valuesManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition2 February 2023
A water dropper that works with reverse osmosis(RO) technology, with the aim of producing water with low sodium levelsManagement of wasting/acute malnutrition2 February 2023
Will a child will be accepted in the OTP/MAM programme, or in the TFC?Management of wasting/acute malnutrition27 February 2023
ReSoMaL (Rehydration Solution for Malnutrition) for children under 6 months with severe acute malnutritionManagement of small and nutritionally at risk infants under six months and their mothers (MAMI)4 March 2023